“This is a splendid, detailed, intelligent, helpful, and beautiful book. …the joys of this book are not merely those of layout or design--this is a masterfully complete resource for working with acrylics.”


“… the author includes much more than her own magnificent art work. She also includes examples from the works of one hundred other accomplished acrylic painters, many of whom embody techniques and styles much different from the author’s own.”


“What I appreciate most about this book is that it covers even the most basic and simple concepts and does not make any assumptions about the skill or experience levels of the reader. Someone with no knowledge of acrylic paints can pick up this book and learn something. And, everything is presented in terms that are not insulting or condescending to the beginner but not beneath the experienced artist either. The author did an excellent job of writing to her audience.”


“First off I should say that this book is absolutely gorgeous. It is packed full of full-color photographs and illustrations, not just of completed or partial paintings but also charts, photographs of supplies and studios and so much more. Aside from being an instructional manual on painting with acrylic paint it makes a beautiful coffee table book.”


“This colorful book is very generous with artwork examples of various artists and general pictures of various supplies and techniques. I mean this author tells you how to select and use all supplies. It is truly a pleasure to read and time zooms by as you are doing so.”


“The author shows a marked preference for using realism and hyper-realism for her topic illustrations, a choice which reflects her own background as a celebrated artist in several media. Her credentials and experience enlighten but do not get in the way of the topics presented. That part, perhaps, should be a given, but ‘Paining in Acrylics’ takes a meticulous, scholarly approach.”


“The title says this book is an indispensable guide to painting in acrylics and I tend to agree. A wonderful compendium of information and techniques for beginning to advanced acrylic artists.”


“It is clear, concise and beautifully put together with a wealth of information for all levels of artists. Though directed at painting with Acrylics, there are many tidbits that can be applied for artists using other mediums as well. This book will be a must have for my students and will be highly recommended to other artists.”


“This book is a simply amazing depository of acrylic painting technics.”


“I couldn't recommend an art text book more strongly, if you are interested in learning and mastering acrylic painting, especially if you want to achieve photorealistic effects. If you've never painted before, the book can help you, and if you went to art school, the book can also help you. Even if you have no interest in painting yourself, but only want to discover how it’s done, here you go.”


“This is book is an investment that the serious painter should definitely make. No matter how good you are, you'll still find something new in this book. The color in the book is gorgeous and there are many inspirational examples of gorgeous effects that can be achieved by understanding the nuances of working with the unique properties of acrylics.”


“I've purchased so many art books throughout my life and I can honestly say that this is my favorite!! Without a doubt it is the most comprehensive book I've ever seen on art instruction of any medium. The instructions are clear and easy to follow for someone that is new to acrylics yet it offers so much for a seasoned artist as well. It's a book that you will refer to many times. I love that the artist shows examples of artists and styles of art not just her own beautiful art. I can't remember being this excited about a book in a while and I'm sure others will find this book as valuable and beautiful as I do!”


“I'm not new to painting, in fact I've been at it for 30 years - I usually paint in oils, but I wanted to try to learn about the acrylic medium which, of course, uses far less harmful substances than those which I use during the process of oil painting. Firstly, I love it!!! - I will be buying this as a gift for fellow artist mates and complete novices alike - it will be invaluable. I am learning so much more from this book than I ever learnt from when I was at art college. Secondly, I will have greater confidence in producing all artwork, underpinning and enhancing the knowledge I already had. Also, the book has a perfect mix of text and pictures and let's face it, us artists love pictures!”